Cinema is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern science. It is the most popular form of entertainment. People belonging to all strata of society enjoy seeing cinema. The aim is only entertainment, However, Cinema is a great means and media of education, promoting business and trade, bringing cultures closer and cultivating. It also helps in establishing strong social ties and removing the caste enmity and creating an atmosphere of fellow-feeling. Cinema is a cheap means of recreation and social reformation.

    However, Most of the films produced in the modern times lay stress on easy and dizzy life. They do not portray values of honesty, hard work and public well being. Film goers imbibe negative traits in their personality such as beating, cheating , robbing and indulging in other anti-social and inhuman activities. These films are responsible for the increasing number of thefts, murders and rapes in the world.

   Late night shows are full of poor labourers ,  rickshawpullers, coolies and other daily wage earners who have no time during the day as they have to work to earn a living. Matinee shows are watched by the students who feel better at cinema halls than at schools and colleges. Parents are generally not aware of the whereabouts pf their children.

    But cinema has got a great educative value. The documentary films on art, science and history give first -hand knowledge to the uneducated masses. Cinema is an effective means of propaganda against prevailing social customs and system. Historical films can promote our culture to new horizons and heights. 

   According to the opinion of certain people and critics, cinema is more disadvantageous than being advantageous. Vandalism , goondaism, rapes, thefts, murders and dacoities take place after an evil person has seen a film. The cheap popular films leave a bad influence on the impressionable minds of boys and girls. Stories depicting indecent scenes of love and passion quite far away from the real life mar the character of the young boys and girls and should ot be screened. Cinema can uplift the society in all the fields but caution is needed so that it does not become a curse.