An ideal citizen is an institution in itself. He is an asset to the family, society around him and the country as a whole. He has a certain standard of life in everything. He loves his country, countrymen and is a great well-wisher of all mankind. He does not discriminate any one on the basis of caste, colour, creed, religion or riches. He is a friend to all and foe to none.

    An ideal citizen is a true patriot who love people of all nations. religious and sects equally. He abides by the laws of the land and protests strongly if any one breaks the law. He despise socials evils such as corruption, caste distinctions, exploitation of women, children and the poor strata of society.

     He is tolerant in all matters and does not turn violent or rebellious. He possesses the highest moral character and is selfless in all matters. He believes in the dignity of labour and work is worship to him. He revolts against all social evils. He has a great moral courage and ever ready to face trouble as a consequence of  his protests. He tolerates patiently. The sincerity of his thoughts, actions and will provides him extra courage to fight these evils. He defies the offers of corrupt officers, black marketers, smugglers and hoarders and exposes them in public. He is a real asset who is loves by the Almighty.