Sam, the boy who lived in a street in New York in America was a professional seller of newspapers. He was 16 and not informed anything of his parents. For about two years he was occupied by selling newspapers and his home was a calm place between two buildings in a man less street.
He owned only for two bed sheets and some clothes in a large size of a clothe bag.  Though what he earned daily by selling newspapers was sufficient for his breakfast some days it was enough to manage his whole day. In this condition he could not have a big profit which can be saved for his future. His time was being passed with his job.

    One day while he was walking along the town selling newspapers he could see a parcel which was thrown into a garbage bin by a man looked like a gentleman. Since that parcel was seen like a parcel of meal he was soon to pick it out and put into his clothe bag.

Sam used to have his lunch at a free place while his job was done. This day also he was hurry to opened the parcel because he felt more hungry. Instantly he got shocked and surprised with what he saw in it. He was frozen for few minutes and got recovered and speeded to his usual place with the parcel. Because there were eight golden biscuits which were really valuable in it.

    He was struggling to spend his time with these golden biscuits He couldn’t sleep well. While he was in a deep thought at that night he was kidnapped by a van which driven fats to him. The ones who were in the van robbed the golden biscuits from Sam threatened him to leave the town. As the kidnappers had covered their faces Sam could not identify them. Sam was dropped in a small unknown village which was too far from the town.

     He couldn’t see where he was as his eyes were bound. Few minutes later he untied his eyes and looked around. He walked here and there in the village. For two days he spent in a ground. He stepped to each farm in that village asking for a job. Among them there was a farmer who agreed with him. He was single and kind-hearted.  As he had not children he treated Sam as his own. Sam was paid well and taught the system of corn cultivation. That farmer had had a large cultivation land. Sam had the knowledge of the management there and continued it properly. When the time passed the old man stayed at home and had rest cause of his sickness and Sam assumed the whole control of the farm land and managed it well. Sam could developed the land day by day and it gained a big profit. He became a very rich farmer who had a huge land and more than 1000 labors under him.

    He has still been holding his farm under the name of the old person who helped by giving his own dowry,s