Easy Tips - English for Daily Usage

At the market

  • Here is nothing much of a choice today / Here is not to be seen something good today.
  • Yes /yap, we should have come early to buy the best.
  • As we have to cook for the noon will buy some soon.
  • How much is a kilo of beans? / What’s the price of a kilo of beans?
  • This quality will be 200/= but that one is 150/=.
  • How is the price of red-onion?
  • It is 400/=
  • They are really expensive. What to do? / What’s to be done? We have to buy them.
  • Get me 2 kilos of beans and 500gs red-onion.
  • Yes Miss , what else you want ? / what do you want? / Is that all you want miss? / Anything else?
  • Yap, that’s all. Here is money.
  • I want to buy some carrot also.
  • Come here miss, it’s cheaper here? / You can buy them in cheap price.

At Lunch

  • Your lunch is ready, all of you come
  • I am just after a coffee so I will have my lunch later on.  / As I had my breakfast late I will have my lunch few minutes late.
  • Anne is not to be seen there, call her for lunch / where’s Anne? ask her to come for lunch
  • He won’t come for lunch today. /He’s not coming for lunch today
  • Mom who prepared fish curry today? / who cooked fish curry today?
  • Yap, how is it? / Why is it not good / tasty?
  • It’s really yummy / delicious / tasty and I want to serve some more.
  • Serve yourself some more dhal .
  • No I can’t eat anymore, I am full / my tummy is full.
  • What would you like as desert? / What do you prefer to have for desert?
  • How about ice cream on fruit salad? / Don’t you like to have jelly?
  • What’s the reason for such a lunch mom? /What are all these mom?
  • Nothing special,I felt like preparing something special since all of you are at home today.

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