As a human being we all need a shelter as one of our basic needs for our survival. Shelter is a covered safe place where a person can live. Everyone tries to build up their own house to live well. When we have a look at this need of a house it  takes a  main place in our lives. Our ancestors had lived in jungle specially in caves. Later on they had used to build up small cottages like their houses. This stages have been developing in the present world. As developed stage of this need of house we can talk about "Living in Apartments". Though early human had used to live in a big area of a jungle nowadays it has changed. On account of increasing population in the world people have have to minimize their space of living. Therefore they try to construct their houses with all comfortable things but in a limit area. They attempt to create a green surround in it for the need of their natural lives. Nevertheless can we fulfill our need by them?
In British English we call it "living in flats".When it comes to American style it's called "apartment living". In both of these it denotes a limited area or a part of a huge building. In each flat or apartment can be defined as an separated room including set of rooms along with a kitchen, bed rooms, bathrooms etc. It can be showed as a single stores. We can hear several times it's called as a self contained housing unit. There can be seen different types of apartments and the majority of the present world has formed to live in them. Though they are more comfortable people can never reach to the stage of fulfilling their survival.