Self - Defense Training for Women and Children 

When we live in this world time to time we face to different things. Most of them are problems. These problems occur cause of differences among people. As everyone tries to get their wants and needs  carried out there will be more fights among them. To reduce this gap everyone needs to be understandable. Even so they as they don't have that fact they struggle and make disagreements among them. Sometimes it will be gone up to physical harassment. On account of these situations they have have to be trained in self defense. Though it has grown up among men in the world, most of the women and the children also being focused on this. 

When the self-defense is defined it can be taken as a physical action which takes against the opposite person. In the present world most of the women have have to face to cruel and hard conditions and the children as well. Therefore they have to be well-protected to get rid of these challenges. So for that as a solution we can show the training in self defense. This training should be gained in physically and mentally. Mentally means being tricky by using your brain according to the situation.  It will support any woman to take care of themselves alone. Then the whole society also will be changed to a good one. 

What's the need of these for woman and children?

At present everyone has to get their work done by themselves. Because of this busyness and the pressure of work. So most of the times they are acting alone here and there to do them. Sometimes accidentally they are facing many harassment from people mainly from the men. So in that kind of condition they can rescued by using their strong techniques of self defense. Cause of this the bad condition of the societies also will be formed good .