Home can be identified in numerous ways, specially it's defined as a place where one lives as a family member. And also it's taken as the shelter which provides protection, safeness, a strong existence full of  love, affection and consolation. Therefore everyone thinks of a beautiful home to live with fullest freedom. So they consider about many ways of constructing a home. Actually it should be a house since it's the building which gives you a lovely home. First we should think of a proper land. Sometimes the land we have would not be good but we can make it good with using the new  technology. After that our dream house will be constructed on this land according to the plan we have made. End of this process we come to the step of beautifying home. It's called home decor.
   Home Decor is another technology which has become a trend among the present society. They mostly think about the beauty of their homes as it makes them mentally  happy-minded. Home decor means something used to beautify home.