What Is The Lowest Population Country In The World ?
World Population

Characteristics of Population 

When we talk about population it can be defined in many ways. Normally it shows a number of organisms of the same species in a particular habitat. Otherwise it's defined a group of individuals of the same species living in a specific area. Normally its definition comes according to its gender, housing type, industries named as intrinsic characteristics, localization it means city and nature. This definitions same to all kinds of living organisms. But when talk about human it spreads throughout a vast area. 

China is the largest column of population in the world. It's around 1.4 billion and India will be the next with the amount of 1.3 billion. Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia and United States have more than 1 billion population.

 According those rates of highest population, Vatican City is taken as the lowest population country in the world. It's with 451 amount. Tuvalu with the amount of 9893, Palau with the amount of 21,097, San Marino can be shown as lowest population countries. Vatican City, the lowest population country is surrounded by  Rome , Italy. The Vatican City of Italy is well-known as the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.     

The Map of Vatican City

Vatican City

Vatican City

Vatican City

The Historical Vatican City