What is Flood?

When we answer this question it can be taken as an overflow of an expanse of water and it's called as a natural disaster caused by heavy rain fall that can swell rivers, lakes, ponds, streams or oceans. It may results from the volume of water within a body of water such as a river or a lake or due to snow melt. Rains bring relief to the people in many ways. But excessive and continuous rains cause unnecessary accumulation of water here and there. The ponds canals and rivers overflow. High level water washes away the crops, plants, cattle, men and their huts bringing tremendous suffering to the people. The fields, roads and villages are covered with stagnant water. it is flood. It is a natural calamity. 

Sometimes we can hear about flash flood which is meant rapid flooding of geomorphic low line area.   Flood is a curse  to the people. The villagers struggle to find safe on house-tops or tree-tops. The children and old folk become helpless. Flood takes many human lives. The cattle die, and their corpses spread obnoxious smell and pollution. People loose their food grains, clothes and house hold articles in the flood. It may take a long time to bring relief goods to the flood effected area. By that time various calamities may occur to the victims of flood. but generally the government arranges for relief by way of food stuff, clothes and monetary help to the victims. Rescue teams arrive from towns with boats, etc. medicine and food are dropped from helicopters on the high land. The marooned people are rescued and shifted to safe shelters. After the flood, the water moves away. Then the land becomes barren, and good crops cannot grow. That brings further distress to the people. Flood are mainly caused by rain but it specially caused by human. Because of human changes of to the surface of the earth such as deforestation, farming and also urbanization highly increase the run off from rains.