Strategy Game -Chess

Chess is well-known as a strategy game including two players. Worldwide millions of people play this game. With 16 pieces each players starts the game. Chess is one of oldest known indoor games of mankind. Played all over the world, its addictive appeal to the young and the old does not necessitate further elaboration. Chess is known to have held a remarkable sway over its lovers, who according to a folklore, lost even their kingdoms owing to their preoccupation with it. Undoubtedly, a great stimulant for the human mind, like magic, it keeps players spellbound for hours. After much painstaking research, it is concluded that Chess originated in India, though China too is a contender for this claim. But much evidence points to India as the land of its origin. It is difficult to associate the invention of chess with some specific time period in history simply because of data.  Hindu mythology believes that Queen Mandodari, the wife of Ravana, contributed significantly  to the invention of chess. Apparently, it was conceived as a pastime to occupy oneself in the intervals between frequently-fought wars. It is also quite likely that it was evolved by women to keep themselves busy while their spouses were away in the battle-field.  As the required skills it shows strategy and tactics.