Cause of a movement of the Earth's crust The ground shakes and this shaking is called " Earthquake". It normally occurs when two of the earth plates move causing vibration or shaking to occur. The temperature at the earth is about 4000 centigrade. As the centre is so hot, there is always movement there. The heat makes the inside of the earth move and change. These changes sometimes make the outside  move too.Then it results in an earthquake. Earthquakes do not take place in most parts of the world. But in some areas do occur frequently. These are earthquake areas.Indonesia and Japan experience earthquakes frequently. Some earthquakes are so small that people hardly notice anything happening except the movement of pictures on the wall. But in a major earthquake buildings will crack and fall, rivers will flood their banks and railway, electricity and underground pipe lines will get damaged. This will bring a lot of misery and death to the people. Governments will have to spend a huge amount of money to repair the damage. It Ground shaking, flooding, Tsunami, liquefaction, landslide, fire and so on can be shown as earthquake hazards. Sometimes earthquake is described as a vibration of earth produced by rapid released of energy which is in the forms of waves.