Do You Want A Glamour Skin?

Everyone in this world prefers to be beautiful. So they use plenty of methods, things and they create many paths to enhance their beauty. This fact is same for both male and female but the tendency of women in this world on this title is highly highlighted. The present women use some different kinds of cosmetics and creams to make their skin  beauty and glamour. But as it has created side issues because of long time usage of those items people are changing to increase the healthy of their internal body. They mostly pay their whole attention for healthy foods. They are trying these food items as the absolute solution.

Don't you try them ? Here are them for the enhancement of your glamour skin.


Cucumber : It gives you a consolation from kidney problems, diabetes, constipation, acidity and so on.  It helps us to keep us hydrated since it's rich in around 96% water.

Tomato : It's taken as an edible vegetable and a fruit red in colour. As it's rich in vitamin C it's a nutrient super food.

Water : It can be shown you as a very cheapest and extremely effective method to keep your skin glamour as it flushes out more toxins from your body.

Beetroot : It is fabulously rich in Folic acid as well as calcium, fiber, iron and vitamin A & C.

Broccoli : It prevent cancers, it's wealthy in Anti-Biotic and calcium, It's taken as a naturally great source of fiber.

Sweet potatoes : It makes the lung functions best, rich in Beta-Carotene, regulate blood sugar level, as it's full of fiber it makes digestion easy.
Pumpkin : It's a great source of Zinc and fiber, it helps to boot moods and gives you a good sleep, highly provides skin health and protection, it has full of Potassium for Refueling.

Bitter gourd : It prevents skin infections, regulate blood flow, it functions as a diabeter manager as well as solves digestive problems.

Lime : It directly helps to keep weight loss, keeps your hydrated, cares your skin.

Carrots : Highly improves health, it gives you healthy eyes and teeth too, reduces cholesterol and  protects your liver as it's rich in vitamin A. 

Watermelon : It contents around 96% water so it cleans kidneys, produce energy, strengthen bones, reduces heart diseases and cancer risks.

Papaw :  Improves digestions and complexion, protects eye sight, nourishes skin and hair.
Orange : It's good for teeth and body with skin as it's full of fiber, vitamins C and other kinds of vitamins and minerals, fights viral infections, extremely good for skin related issues, regulate blood  pressure.

Avocado : It protects liver from ails and damages, full of vitamin K, keeps eyes healthy, to maintain a healthy skin it aids.
Strawberry : It's an anti- viral, anti- cancer, anti-bacterial fruit which is highly essential for a glamour skin, regulate blood pressure, boost immune system.

Banana : It reduces risk of heart diseases and blood pressure, it powers our brain, helps us y reducing depression, provides us with energy.
Pineapple : It reduces inflammation, helps in preventing bacterial infection, reduces sun damages in the skin.

Apple : It helps us in preventing weight, bone protection, lower cholesterol. 

Lemon : It helps us in naturally lightning and tightening skin. 

Kiwi : It improves sleep quality, it boots immune system as kiwi is full of vitamin C.