What is Television?

          It's defined as a machine with a screen which receives broadcast signals and make them turned to pictures and sounds.Today world uses it as a powerful telecommunication medium. Its main function is transmit moving images in black and white (monochrome)or in colour, and into two or three dimensions and sounds.  
Television is a great wonder of modern science. It was invented by john Baird. It is a very popular source of entertainment to the whole world. It gives great entertainment to the old , young and children of both sexes. 

  It's very educative too. Its numerous programmes on education, sports, religion, films, drama, music and health are really interesting and enjoyable. Programmes especially on health and diseases are keenly followed by all. Coloured TV sets seem to be more popular among viewers.Firms can advertise their products through the television. It is a very fast and effective way of advertising. There are many TV channels for viewers in many countries in the world. Students should select TV programmes suitable for them. They mustn't watch programmes neglecting their studies. Watching television too much is also bad for your eyesight.