The story of Four Legged Best Friends

Ruuxa & Raina

Ruuxa and Raina

A dog and Cheetah met as babies. A cheetah cub called Ruuxa and puppy named Raina have been raised together as friends at a Zoo in America.When Ruuxa was born, his mum couldn't take care of him properly and he was hand-reared by zoo keepers at San Diego Zoo Safari park. The zoo keepers there paired Ruuxa with Raina, when she was around four weeks old, to be his life- long friends.

Ruuxa recently had to have an operation on his legs. Raina went with him to the hospital and sat with him after the operation, whilst he recovered. Ruuxa has made a complete recovery and is happy to be running around again with his puppy pal. 

Spirit is the meaning of Ruuxa in Somali. They proves the reality and the significance of the frienship and it's so exciting to see these young buddies grow up together.
Raina at the hospital near Ruuxa