The kid who named a Hero

Billy was a legendary hero. This book is a really fantastic book about a man called Billy Byron. The Michael Morpurgo was born on 5th of October in 1943 in United Kingdom. He's popular as an English author poet ,as well as librettist. It's not every young boy can say they're the inspiration behind the lead character in a new novel. But that's exactly what's happened to nine year old Billy Byron. As he is well- known best for children novels most of the children in the world has been attracted with his writings. 

Clare Morpurgo is his spouse. Among his famous writings "War Horse, Private Peaceful, The Butterfly Lion" can be shown. A chance meeting with top kids author Michael Morpurgo has led to Billy's name being used in the bests-selling writer's latest book, " The Right Thing ". The book follows the life of Billy, a soldier, from the time of the First World War up until the start of the Second World war.
"Looking for a Hero" in September 14, Michael Morpurgo Explained how the lead character came to take Billy's name "At a reading, a little boy came up to me and said ; 'I 'd love you to use my name in a book.'

" It was Billy Byron and I’m going to use it. I was looking, I'm looking for a hero's name in the next book that I'm writing. Healso writes his own screen plays and libretti for opera.