The great marvel - Human Body

Human body is wonderful thing. It is made up of a head ,neck, two arms and two legs with torso.  It is said that God created man in his own image. The human skeleton is like a cage. It provides necessary support to our body. It also protects our various vital organs. There are more than 200 bones in an adult person. These bones are made up of calcium and phosphorus. The box like skull protects the brain. The average height of an adult human is about 5 to 6 feet tall.   

The human is a entire structure of a human being. The muscles constitute the flesh. They are about 500 in number. Human body is made up of cells. A cell is a basic unit of the body. There are millions and millions of cells in a human body. It is the cell which gets nourishment through food and drink and oxygen through breathing. Then there are circulatory, respiratory, digestive  and nervous systems.They all are wonderful in their own way. And human brain is the most wonderful creation. The harmonious working of these different systems and organs give us good health. Really human body is a great marvel. It is a very complicated creature in this nature.