Garbage Disposal

When we talk about garbage we can take food waste, discarded useless materials and unwanted things that we throw away. Specially domestic refuse.Garbage disposal has become a huge problem for urban dwellers as well as urban authorities. Our homes, hotels, restaurants, markets, offices, factories etc. put out tons of rubbish. 
Lately the earth's capacity to tolerate exploitation and absorb solid waste disposal has diminished due to excess thrashing.This happens because of people. They dispose lots of stuff and simply do not care.

Every houses produce garbage daily. This garbage include left-over food, fallen leaves, fruits, vegetables, unwanted plastic objects, waste papers, broken glass articles etc. This garbage can pollute environment if they are not disposed of properly. The disposal of waste system must be formed with a scientific method. " disposal of waste" denotes " getting rid of waste". As there are different ways of waste disposal they can be shown as below.

Preparation of compost.
Sewage treatment.

The authorities have to find dumping sides for the garbage. Then protests come from the people who lived around.  No one likes to live next door to a garbage dump. The authorities have to find new sites. The rotting garbage  has to be transported once again and dumped on the sites.  As the garbage compactors are sighted the public start their protests and demonstrations. Sometimes the drivers, labourers and officials are attacked. As a result  garbage is not collected. People throw their rubbish on road sides. Crows, Stray cows and dogs throng to these places looking for food. They tear the bags and scatter the rubbish on the roads.  The once beautiful environment becomes an eyesore.