Purpose of Education

Education and human life are closely connected with each other. One has to acquire education so that human life becomes a complete whole. Education has four main aims. Firstly, education  is needed to develop the personality of a student and to enable him to earn his bread. Secondly, education should enable him to play his role as a citizen in a democratic country. The third purpose of education is to inspire a student to develop all his hidden powers. The fourth aim is to build character of the individual or a student.

Population is increasing at a large scale in modern times and there are many unemployed youths. Therefore, today, education is a means to attain jobs. It is therefore an obligation of the country and the governments to make arrangements to give not only general education but technical and vocational training also. India is a democratic country. Democracy can not fully succeed unless its citizens are educated. If a proper system of education is not there, its citizens can be exploited by selfish politicians and business pirates.

Education helps a man to grow to his full stature. It enables him to develop his mental and spiritual powers. Education is the only tool for building the character of an individual. The first thing in which an individual is trained is social behavior. Without education man cannot learn the art of living with others. A really educated person is a transformed individual. To him, the world becomes a bigger and more charming place. He is able to see more beauty and variety in the world. The present system of education is just a passport to the boys for employment and to the girls for their marriages. Even our political world reflects a picture that education has not succeeded in its primary aim.