Glamour of Pablo Picasso 

He can be called as an artist of artists because of his realistic unique arts. The long history of mankind has been adorned by thousands of great artists, who appeared from tim to time. The recent era of world art, from time to time. 

He showed his greatness in his paints, working as sculptor. and also he was a grand print maker, ceramicist, stage designer and a poet.   

The recent era of world art, has been dominated by an exceptional genius, who has assumed the stature of a sage. He is Pablo Picasso. He was born in Spain in 1881 and studied in that country. He moved to Paris at the age of 20 and experimented with a creative expression the reflected the social mood. 

In his " blue" period his works "Lamented" with the excruciating despair of the poor. From there he moved on to his "pink" period, recording a world emerging into the joy of life. His intensive appeal to those artists, who yearned to discover an idiom to record their inner urges, came from his complex works of the calibre of "Guernica" in later years, sage  Picasso, discarded the flotsam and the jetsam that burdened his soul, and rose in undramatized simple lines, that proclaimed his liberation. He resorted to sculpture, as an alternate avenue of saying his say. 

His relentless effort was vividly seen through his continuation to paint, even late at night towards the end of his life.  It is said that taking carrot juice ensured the health of his eyes. He passed away in 1973 at the age of 92.