Sinharaja meaning “Lion king” was declared a world Heritage site in 1989. It is the largest tropical rain forest of our beautiful island. The forest is placed in the southern path of sri lanka. It covers Galle, mathara and rathnapura districts. The area of the forest is about 11,187 hectares from east to west. The length of it is about 21 kilometres and the width from north to south is about 3.7kilometres. The average annual rainfall is over 2500 millimetres and the average annual temperature is 23.6 centigrade. Conditions are dry in February.
         Many kinds of trees and woody climbers are found in the forest. Some of them are very useful to man in many ways. Many varieties of amphibians, birds, fishes, butterflies, animals and reptiles are found here. Visitors to this world famous forest could see endangered or rere birds such as sri lankan’s wood-pigeon, blue magpie and red faced malkoha. Those who wish to see the forest should get permission from the wild life department in Colombo