The power of the word "Sorry"

How many of us say "sorry" as often as we should, acknowledging our mistakes and humbling ourselves to admit we could be wrong? In the teens, particularly, it is hardest to admit this fact. We always justify our actions, or put the blame on someone else.

Just try saying this wonderful word and really mean it. It works wonders required for the growth of our habits. When someone is really angry with you, be it your parents, your loving husband, friends, teachers or anyone else and that person's temper has reached boiling point, be calm. If you are being pulled up for some mistake you may have done knowingly or unknowingly, do not argue. First let that person have his say, then just say the word sorry. You'll see the magic formula begin to work, almost immediately. 

Admitting a mistake does not lower anyone, or take away an ounce of your pride. It eases out situations that are fiery if we can control ourselves when someone else is in a rage. Then you have already conquered ill temper. So, go ahead and say "sorry" you will hardly need to use the word for you will have mastered the art of calming a temper down.