Shape of things to come.

Here's what scientific progress has in store for us in the coming centuries .

2017 -  Human beings land on mars. A permanent colony is established on
           the planet around 2044.

2020 - Flying wings aircraft are able to carry 1,000 passengers up to a
           distance of 9,000 kms at average speeds of 900km/h.

2025 - Computers connected directly to the brain are able to recognize and
          respond to thoughts, obviating the need for the manual input of data  
         and commands.

2030 - Following on the development of artificial lungs, kidneys and livers,
        doctors can now create artificial legs and fully functional artificial eyes.

2030 - Human hibernation is used for the first time in long- distance space

2040 - Nuclear fusion is harnessed to generate electricity.

2044 - Microscopic robots capable of reproducing themselves are devised
          using nanotechnology.

2500 - From an average of 78 years, human life- spans are extended to 140