Now we are going to look at the verb 'to send' combined with particles. Here are some of the most common:

'to send away for' something means to write to an organization to have something delivered to you.

I couldn't find it in the local shops. I had to send away for it.
I don't know what they are like. I'm going to send away for some samples.

'to send back' means to return something because it is not right or damaged.

The food was cold when it was served so we sent it back.
When it arrived, I didn't like the colour so I sent it back.

'to send for' means to send a message asking someone to come to see you

The baby was very ill so she sent for the doctor.
I knew I was in trouble when the boss sent for me.

'to send in' means to send something to an organization.

Please send in the completed forms before January 31st.
The TV show is funny family videos that viewers send in.

'to send someone in' means to tell a person to enter a room or office.

I'd like to speak to James. Can you send him in, please?
I'm ready now. Can you send in the first patient?

'to send off' means to post a letter or parcel.

You should have got it by now. I sent it off two days ago.
I packed everything up and sent it off last week.

'to send on' means to forward a document or mail.

Here is my new address. Can you send my mail on to me?
My colleague is dealing with this. I'll send a copy of your email on so she can deal with it.

'to send out' means to send to a lot of people at the same time.

The wedding is in two months. We need to send out the invitations.
We sent out copies of the new brochure to all our existing clients.

'to send out' also means to emit a sound or light.

This tiny transmitter sends out a signal strong enough to be picked up a kilometre away.
The phone mast sends out radio waves that some people think are dangerous.

'to send out for' means to phone an order to a restaurant for food to be delivered

I don't want to cook. Let's send out for a pizza.
It's almost lunchtime. Shall we send out for some sandwiches or snack.