If you've ever found the ideal spot for your own remote cabin but thought it too inaccessible to build in, the new VIMOB shelter may be for you. Created by Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos, it is designed for construction in areas that are difficult to access. It's modular, prefabricated and reportedly easy to assemble.
Colectivo Creativo defines more precisely where it envisages its VIMOB shelters being deployed as places "where building a traditional construction would be limited by transport of materials and labor." These are, however, cabins designed primarily for home and leisure use, not for quick-assembly use after disasters.

The cabin, which was developed in the firm's workshop, makes use of easily-adaptable components, parts that can be assembled quickly and with a minimum of tools and materials that can be easily transported across difficult terrain. It is also designed to minimize on-site finishing, raw materials waste, carbon output and its impact on a site.

The initial prototype covered an area of 37 sq m (398 sq ft). It is described as practical, flexible, attractive and modern, with walls made of oriented strand board (OSB) and pine ceilings. The exterior of the building consists of a patchwork of earthy tones. In addition, it has large sliding glass doors in the lounge area, which can be opened to provide a connection to the outdoors and to provide easy access to a front terrace.
Subsequently, four different versions of the VIMOB have been rolled out. The entry level "small" version covers an area of 28.5 sq m (306.8 sq ft), squeezing in one bedroom and one bathroom. Colectivo Creativo says it is suitable for a couple to share.

The 36 sq m (387.5 sq ft) "medium" version adds an additional room, which could be used to accommodate guests or as a study. The "large" version stretches across 80.5 sq m (866.5 sq ft), housing up to three bedrooms and a bathroom, as well as lounge kitchen and laundry areas.

At the top end, is a "extra-large" version of the VIMOB that covers 113.8 sq m (1,224.9 sq ft). Colectivo Creativo says this is a family-sized shelter, with three bedrooms and up to three bathrooms.
The VIMOB shelter prototype was completed earlier this year. The shelters are now being made to order, and are shipped ready for assembly.

The video below provides a look at the VIMOB shelter.