ChargeAll’s ChargeTech is a convenient adapter that promises to charge your gadgets significantly faster than stock alternatives. It’s small, allows you to power up two devices at once, and comes in a car charger variant. The company is also in the process of crowdfunding what it claims is the thinnest and lightest iPhone 6 battery case around. From wind-powered concept cases to covers with integrated wall plugs, we’ve seen a lot of interesting charging solutions over the years. While ChargeAll’s products might appear a little more pedestrian at first glance, when it comes to convenience and form factor, they appear to have a lot to offer. The ChargeTech is claimed capable of charging an iPhone 6/6+ in half the normal time, offering 2.4 amps/12.5 watts to the Apple charger's 1.0 amps/5 watts. It features dual USB ports, meaning you can simultaneously charge two devices at once, and the design curves in at the base to make it an easy fit, even in a crowded outlet. At 1.4 in (3.6 cm) tall, it’s also a little smaller than supplied chargers, and features an LED indicator that flicks on when a device is charging. Of course, while the company has focused on Apple products for the purpose of comparison, the ChargeTech adapter can also be used with Android phones and tablets, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers and basically anything else with a USB charging cable. There will also be a car charger version of the product available that features the same dual USBconfiguration and small form factor. The ChargeTech charger is live on Indiegogo now, with pledges of US$19 per device available in a choice of black or white. 
The project has already surpassed its $10,000 funding goal with four weeks still to run. In addition to the standard ChargeTech product, the company is currently running another crowdfunding campaign for what it claims is the thinnest and lightest protective battery case for the iPhone 6. Known as ThinCharge, the battery case is claimed to double the smartphone’s battery life, features a soft satin finish, and is fitted with an LED indicator so you know it’s connected and working. With an iPhone 6 slotted in, it measures just 0.5-inches (1.27 cm) thick and weighs in at less than 3 oz (85 g). Its raised edges and reinforced corners are designed to protect against drops and scratches.Assuming it reaches its $50,000 funding target, the final retail price for the the ThinCharge will be $119. An early bird pledge of $59 is still available on Indiegogo as of this posting.