Power of Nature.
Nature is the most powerful thing in the universal. No one can handle it 100%. No one can manage that power 100%. There is no religion. You will touch this power , If you tune your wonderful mind, then you can feel that power.
 No one can hide mistake & no excuse for mistake . I’m not going to explain how happen that, what every., I have no words explain like that complex algorithm & I’m not a ideal person for that. I never say ., no one can explain..few persons  are live this Earth. They can explain this complex algorithm, but they never going to explain. They have so many reason for that. 1st thing people never believe. That why they don’t.
This is a one way touch this ultimate power.
Angampora’, is a traditional martial art in Sri Lanka, which is known to be one of the oldest fighting disciplines in the world. It’s a deeply spiritual form of combat which has its roots in deferent  philosophies of nature and astrology and also has a strong connection to music, employing rhythmic and owing movements. ‘Angampora’ means ‘unarmed combat’. Combat techniques wherein weapons are used are called ‘Illangam’. ‘Maya Angam’ is a technique which involves the use of spells and incantations to confuse or bring an opponent down.