New Windows 10 Features That Should Make the Final Version
Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview is an early and incomplete release of its next desktop operating system. While it is still in a sort of pre-beta stage now, there are some features that will most likely be available in the final release. Here’s a look at new features and what you can expect.

**(Do remember though, that this is an incomplete version of Windows, and do not install this version on the main computer you use at home or at work. There are several bugs and app crashes that could and probably will lead to data loss.)

New Windows 10 Features
The most obvious and talked about new feature is the new Start menu. It’s a hybrid between the traditional Start menu you’ve known for years, and the Modern touch-centric interface that was introduced in Windows 8. You can move and resize the live tiles and arrange them the way you want — just like on Windows Phone 8.1. The cool thing is that if you install Windows 10 on a traditional computer with mouse and keyboard, it will no longer display the Start screen like in Windows 8. Each time you hit the Windows key the new Start menu opens up.

Virtual Desktops
Officially called “Task View” by Microsoft, this is a feature that Mac and Linux users have had for years, and it’s definitely welcomed in Windows too. It replaces the App Switcher in previous versions of Windows. You can get to it by hitting the Task View icon located on the Taskbar – Next to the Start button. Or use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + Tab.

Floating Modern Apps
In Windows 8, whenever you would launch a Modern app, it would launch into full screen mode. We showed you how to avoid the annoyance by changing file associations, or by using Stardock’s ModernMix. Now in Windows 10 the Modern apps run on the desktop, much like they do when you’re using ModernMix on Windows 8.

File Explorer
File Explorer (previously called Windows Explorer) has been enhanced with a new Home section that provides you easy access to favorite files, frequently used locations, and includes a new Share button. The Share lets you share files via email, Modern apps — which are being rebranded “Universal apps” moving forward.