Saman Kumara's jump.

    Saman is a hero in this story.  He had a very hard childhood when he was a child. At least he have not eat something someday. His father was die , when he was 8 years old, after that his mother worked as a worker in the main road maintenance service group.  It's not a very easy & cool job, but she must do it without live die. Just she is work for live. Just she is work for hungry. Her main target just fight with the hungry. She don’t like face her child to the hungry. This not a only one story people work for the hungry. They are income just can cover only hungry. They cant take new cloths at least one for the year. It's very hard with they are income. This is a just idea Saman's childhood situation.

    Saman's school life  has been finished when he grade 10. Because Saman's mother was ill . She can not work now like before , after that, he is tried find a solution for the hungry. People must eat something 3 time in the day. It's common . But Saman  try to take one meal in the day & give two meal to his mother.  His main target is the earn money &  something take for the hungry. So he worked as the helper in the shop.

    After the  few years , He has been taken strong decision about his life. He has been started his own job.  It's a small business when he was start it. He is went to every village for collect to Jacks & jackfruit . Collect jacks & jackfruit , bring to the city after that he sell them by keeping profit. After the few years he has been stated Jacks & jackfruit foods shop. It's a changed his  life  to success path.  So He has been taken good income day by day . After the few years He has taken his own lorry. Her mother can relax now than past. But her health situation very bad. It's a when she was young , she has been worked hard as woman she cant bear up it.  Her current situation is result  of past life.  But they are income is very good now. Money has been changed they are life as they want.

    Now his mother not a live. She was die. It's very difficult to bear up Saman. But, He is a rich person now. He has own car & lorry with his own shop. He has been succeeded.