Hungama Kanda ( A mountain )
          It's a mountain. It's not a just mountain. Most people afraid visit this mountain as I know. It's a action mountain. I mean it's look very dangerous. More than 500 years old trees. Very big rocks.Some rocks are  look like a building.  Some rocks are more than 40M. Some vines are long more than 200M & old them more than 100 years. This is just idea about Hungama Kanda.
          It's situated in the Island & near Indian ocean. This is not a big Island. Just nothing more than 2km. But  mountain high more than 1.5 Km. I must tell one thing clearly. I never seen and animals or birds there.  It's  just a blank Island as I saw.  No one there. Any people , Any animals.

This dream I see every month, when I was a child , I mean more than 10 years.

E.M.B.K.  Sumanaseri (Sri Lanka)