How can I find a good job ?

    “Job” is a most importance for the face to the real world. Money defend on the “Job” . How can I find the “ Job” ? How can I find a “ job ”  with good salary. It's a problem. But we can find solution for this problem, if we try. So many “ Jobs” have in the world. But no suitable persons for them. So  if someone want “Job” he must know about  that field. Without knowledge how to work them there. It's not a just problem. So if someone want to good “ job” he must learn well about something & he must take practical knowledge about it. Not only theory knowledge,  must take practical knowledge . Practical knowledge  is a most powerful weapon in the “ job” market.

     People worry without a “Job” some people going to die. It's not a solution . Solution is the must learn practical something , if you can do something by it , they will pay you. Do you know what is the value ? Value is a your practical knowledge . If it's strong they must pay for you big salary. I mean you can sell your “practical knowledge” for them. It's value  will change , What you know? What is the field you know to work ?
    If you want to “ Job” you must find . It's a very  importance like “ practical knowledge ” So many web site there with job vacancies . If someone not care about them. You can not find good job. No one give you job “ on the plate”  keep it your mind very carefully. If you want job , you have to find out always about it. Not just a one day or two day , when you take a job ? You must find. It's your responsibility if you want job. In the real world have very  high competition for the jobs. If someone find job just like a crazy . He will take the job. It's the secret in the job market.