Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. He initiated World War II and oversaw fascist policies that resulted in millions of deaths
‘’Great liars are also great magicians.’’
‘’Let us never forget the duty, which we have taken upon us”

Date of Birth      :-20 April 1889, Braunau am Inn, Upper Austria, 
                            Austria-Hungary [now Austria]

Date of Death  :-30 April 1945, Berlin, Germany (suicide by 

Nickname         :-Wolf

Height               :-5' 8" (1.73 m)

Hitler as an Artist

Hitler dreamed of becoming an artist, so in 1907 he applied to the painting school at the Vienna Academy of Art. He did not pass the entrance exam. After his mother passed away just a few months later from breast cancer, Hitler again tried to apply to the Vienna Academy of Art, but this time he was not even allowed to take the test.
Hitler spent the next four years in Vienna, living off what little he earned from selling postcards of his architectural drawings and the small inheritance from his mother. During this period of time, Hitler started to dabble in politics and became especially influenced by pan-Germanism.

    1889: Born in Braunau am Inn, Austria

    1914: Serves in World War I as a runner for the 16th Bavarian Reserve Regiment

    1919: Appointed aVerbindungsmann (police spy) of the Reichswehr and meets Dietrich Eckart who teaches him how to dress and speak in fluentially

    1924: Sent to prison for a failed coup d'etat, writes Mein Kampf

    1929: Meets his lifelong mistress Eva Braun

    1932: Granted German Citizenship

    1933: Becomes Chancellor of the Nazi Party

    1935: Violates the Treaty of Versailles by building a massive military force

    1936: An Axis is declared between Germany and Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria join later

    1939: Orders the invasion of Poland, Britain and France declare war on Germany

    1939: Orders the Nazi Party to begin carrying out the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question"or The Holocaust

    1941: Breaks the non-aggression pact with Stalin and invades the Soviet Union

    1941: Declares war against the United States

    1943: Becomes increasingly erratic after being defeated at the Battle of Stalingrad

    1944: Celebrates his 56th birthday in a bunker below the Reich Chancellery

    1945: Commits suicide by shooting himself and biting into a cyanide capsule