56. D.S Sennanayake

     The first prime minister of Sri Lanka was Don Stephen Senanayake. He played a prominent role in the country’s political history. So he is remembered as the father of the nation.

     He was born on the 20th of October in 1884. His parents were Dob Charles Senanayake and Elizabeth Perera. He go his education at St. Thomas College, Mt. Laviniya. During his school day he took part in every sport activity. Later he worked as an agriculturist and at his father’s plumbago mines. He was engaged in temperance movement and was arrested in 1915 , but he was released after 40 days without and charges.

       He was the founder member of the Ceylon National Congress. In 1924 he was elected as a member of the legislative council. Under the Donoughmore of the legislative council. Under the minister of agriculture and he wanted to produce sufficient food. He restored the thanks of Minnetiya, Kalawewa and Parakrama Samudraya. He encouraged people to cultivate food crops. He want to England with a delegation and discussed with the British government and as a result of his work Sri Lanka got Independence.

     D.S became the first prime minister of independent Sri Lanka. On the 22nd of March 1925 he fell from a horse and died a day later.