51.The Experience of a Blind Man.

The vocabulary of a blind man is similar to that of a man who can see with his eyes. But the experiences and feelings of a man who can’t see are totally different from the experience and feelings of a man with eyesight when a man with perfect eyes may feel that a cow is brown in colour that is has white patches all over it is skin and that it has two big eyes a blind man feelings may be that is skin is coarse and that it is if you are is soft a blind man so experience the beauty of nature. he can fill the fragrance of flowers he feels the warm sun shine and smells it is burning seems around the cold Breeze of the sea give him body a tickling this makes him imagine the vastness of the sea

     the variety of colours is something out of the horizon of intelligence of a blind man he may never come to realize ins pact unless he get through seeing the moon in full bloom too is something beyond the feelings of a blind man one may think whether blind man may feel the smoothness of the moon rays but no