“The temple of the Tooth” or Dalada Maligawa is situated in kandy of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an Island. It is one of the most sacred places fir Buddhists. The sacred Tooth of Load Buddha is housed in a gold casket there.
      There is an annul perahera in Kandy. It is held in the month of August  every year in honour to the most significant event of the country. It is a world famous pageant. Tourists flock to Sri Lanka during thin period to witness this spectacular procession.
The Esala Perahera is a combination of five Peraheras. They are of five Devalas, namely Natha. Vishnu, Kataragama, & Pattini. They too are within the Maligawela premises.
There are kandyan dancer, drummers, whip crackers and stilt walkers in this procession. Children carry flags and banners. Diyawadana Nilames take part in this procession. They are followed by a large number of caparisoned elephants. The Maligawa Tusker walks in their midst, carrying the sacred Tooth Relic.
The event takes place over several days. The last day is regarded as the most important day of the procession.