04. Simple Past Tense(Interrogative Form)
1)      Did I hurt  YOU?

      Yes, you did.

2)      Did I hurt you?

      I’m sorry.

      No, you didn’t/Now it’s all right.

3)      Why did you come last morning?

     No, I didn’t.

4)      Did you take a bath?

      Yes, I did.

     I had a Barth in the morning.   

5)      Why did mother scold you?

     For no reason.

6)      Did you eat something?

     Yes ,I did.

     I had my lunch.

7)      What time did she leave?

      I have, no idea.

     I think before 10.30 am.

8)      Why did you scold me?

     No, I didn’t .

9)      With whom did you come?

     I came with my mother.

10)  Yesterday did u go somewhere out?

   No, I didn’t.

11)  Why did you break this?

   No, I didn’t.

12)  Why did you ask something like that?

   I just asked.

13)   Came just now.

14)  Came to meet.

15)  I’m angry with you.

16)  Let me down.

17)  Did your job.

18)   Got it done.

19)  Felt shy

20)  cheated